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Practise and Warmup Plan

Practise plan + warmup exercise audio files

Introducing the Ultimate Singing Practice Journal: Your Path to Vocal Excellence!

Are you a passionate singer looking to take your vocal abilities to new heights? Do you want to maximise your progress between singing lessons and achieve remarkable results? Look no further! We proudly present our bespoke Singing Practice Journal, designed specifically for dedicated students like you.

Our Singing Practice Journal is not just an ordinary notebook; it's your personal roadmap to success. Crafted with care and expertise, this journal is tailored to meet the unique needs of singers who strive for excellence. It provides you with a structured and organised approach to practice, empowering you to make the most of your singing journey.

Here's what sets my Singing Practice Journal apart:

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Customised Practice Regime: Say goodbye to aimless singing sessions! Our journal comes complete with a meticulously designed practice regime that aligns with your goals and aspirations. It guides you through warm-up exercises, vocal techniques, scales, breathing exercises, song rehearsals, and more. With a clear and concise structure, you'll stay focused and motivated during your practice sessions.

Progress Tracking: Keeping track of your progress is key to improvement. Our journal includes dedicated sections for recording your vocal milestones, achievements, and areas of improvement. You'll be able to see your growth over time, boosting your confidence and providing tangible evidence of your hard work.


Goal Setting and Reflection: Setting goals is essential for continuous growth. Our journal offers a space to define short-term and long-term goals, helping you stay driven and on track. Additionally, reflective prompts encourage self-evaluation, enabling you to assess your performances, identify strengths and weaknesses, and make necessary adjustments for improvement.

Tips and Insights: Benefit from expert advice and insights right at your fingertips! My Singing Practice Journal is packed with valuable tips, techniques, and inspiration from experienced vocal coaches. Discover pro tips for breath control, pitch accuracy, stage presence, and more, ensuring you have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal.

Personalisation: I believe in the power of individuality. Our Singing Practice Journal allows you to personalise your experience by adding your name, selecting your preferred cover design, and making it truly your own. Embrace the journey with a journal that reflects your unique style and personality.

Inspirational Quotes: Stay motivated and inspired throughout your journey. Our journal includes uplifting and empowering quotes from renowned singers, performers, and musicians. Let their wisdom and passion ignite your own artistic fire and remind you of the incredible potential within you.


Invest in your vocal growth and unleash your full potential with the Ultimate Singing Practice Journal. Unlock a world of possibilities, elevate your skills, and experience the joy of progress like never before.

Don't settle for average. Start your journey to vocal excellence today with our Singing Practice Journal! Visit our website or your nearest music store to get your hands on this invaluable tool. Your voice deserves the best, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

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