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About Me

"Qualifying from one of the world's top institutions and working as a professional  educator is the ideal combination of any professional singing teacher."

Brian McBride

Brian Singing in Glasgow Opera.jpeg

Brian qualified as a Master of Music in Performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and currently holds a teaching post at the University of Glasgow specialising in music education. He has performed in venues across the country, and internationally, as a classical singer and continues to perform regularly. This combination of expertise and experience is what makes Brian such a successful singing teacher.

-     Brian in Jan Tait and the Bear, Ensemble Thing        -

Brian has a passion for teaching music and specialises in the art of singing. All students build confidence, vocal strength and overall ability, creating pathways for future careers in music or a new found talent to explore and develop. Brian's firm knowledge of classical technique and love for all musical styles ensures that each student is progressing to the highest standard in their field, whilst maintaining a knowledge and grasp of the good technique required of any singer. 

-     Brian in Brahms' Requiem, Halifax Choral Society         -

Singing Teacher Glasgow.jpg
Opera Musical theatre singing lessons in Glasgow.png

Brian encourages each singer to find an authentic style of performance, making sure that each singer brings their true self to their music that is expressive and emotionally connected. Brian has a unique ability to communicate the intricacies of vocal technique and his success is apparent in the high quality of his graduating students. 


"Students should have a desire to improve their vocal ability and understand that true freedom of expression is the goal for any singer. The journey to arrive there takes hard work and dedication. I love my profession and endeavour to pass on this love to each student." - Brian 

Brian McBride Opera Messiah Brahms Requiem Handel.jpeg
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