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Hear From Other Students


"I recently started singing lessons with Brian to build up my confidence and learn how to sing better in general. My sessions with Brian have provided me with the confidence I was seeking, a much better understanding and knowledge of my own voice and how I can use it to its best potential and I’ve had so much fun in the process. Brian is very welcoming and made me feel at ease from the first hello. Would recommend him to anyone looking for singing lessons around the Glasgow area. Thanks Brian!"


"I'm a singer song writer and wanted help improving my voice. I brought my guitar and own songs to my lessons and Brian transformed the way I sing them. He taught me how to use my voice properly and made me sing so much better."


"Brian was excellent. I had been let down by a couple of singing teachers in Glasgow, but he was always reliable and transparent from the beginning. He really built my confidence up, identified flaws in my singing and rectified them. I was really struggling to sing high, but after 5 lessons there was a huge difference. I really can't recommend him enough!!"


"I bought a block of singing lessons for my husband as a Christmas gift and he loved it. It was so unique and special as he had always wanted to sing well. He loved his lessons with Brian... So much so he kept them on after his block of singing lessons."

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"If I cannot Fly, let me Sing"
Stephen Sondheim


"I've had singing lessons for years and always wanted to pass my grade 8. I got in touch with Brian who sorted out some vocal issues I was having and within 6 months I had my certificate. He's by far the best singing teacher I've ever had and I am so grateful."


"My daughter Eva started singing lessons with Brian last year and it has been the best thing I have ever done for her! Eva's confidence has come on so much and will even sing for all the family which I never thought would happen. She never misses her singing lessons and always has a spring in her step when she comes out"


"I come from a very musical family where everyone plays instruments and sings really well. At family parties I always feel a bit left out, not being able to sing or join in. I decided to have singing lessons with Brian to see if I could get any better and join in with my family. I was amazed at the progress I made and managed to WOW my family at my mums 60th. I will forever be grateful for Brians patience and hard work. He explains everything in a way that gets results and I feel like I really know what to do with my voice. He's amazing and would recommend him to anyone looking for singing lessons in Glasgow."


"I did my advanced higher music at school years ago and I loved singing. I didn't sing for years after that as work and having a family got in the way. I thought my singing days were over then looked for a singing teacher in Glasgow and found Brian. Not only was he able to bring back my voice but I was able to improve even more due to his expert instruction and great humour. He is an absolute gentleman and I love taking singing lessons with Brian. It also has given me a great hobby and escape from my hectic schedule

Kat Bain

Brian helped me gain a place at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland which was a life long dream of mine and because I suffer with both ADHD and Dyslexia this was something I never thought I could achieve.

He taught me so much In the time I was under his wing, he built my confidence and unlocked my true potential, I will be eternally grateful!

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