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How to Sing Musical Theatre

What is Musical Theatre?

Musical theatre singing is a type of Performance Art where singers train towards a final performance of a dramatised story where the dramatisation is sung through song or as an entirety. Musical theatre originated in the 20th century as a separation from more traditional operas. The music was more accessible to all audiences and the story lines were fresh, depicting a more modern approach to the story lines, setting and content. Performers of musical theatre are trained in many aspects of theatre, most significantly the art of singing, acting and dance.

Singing Lessons Glasgow

When teaching singing in the style of musical theatre, Brian will work on the particular nuances of breath management and muscular support to further aid your ability. Brian focuses on the concepts of 'twang', 'belt', 'mix' and legit singing. In todays industry, it is essential that all of these concepts are mastered and that singers show a succinct knowledge and ability in all regions of the singing voice. Many singers of musical theatre concentrate on the area of their voice that comes most naturally. For many that will be their lower 'chest' register and for others their higher 'head voice'. Wherever the singers own comfort lie, it is important to exercise the entire range of the voice and aim towards total proficiency in the many facets of the singing voice.

Musical Theatre in Glasgow

Having singing lessons in Glasgow, geared towards musical theatre offers the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the many musical theatre opportunities in the city of Glasgow. Weather you are just beginning in your voyage into the industry of amateur dramatics of you are a professional singer, looking to better your opportunities at auditions, Brian offers singing lessons that will give you the best opportunity in bettering your singing. There are various amateur dramatic societies that audition on a yearly basis and produce fantastic shows throughout the year.

Aquire are a newly established musical theatre group who perform full scores of musical theatre shows in Glasgow with a large ensemble of singers and orchestral musicians.

Call To Stage are a dynamic group of performers who perform fully staged musical theatre shows in Glasgow's Webster Theatre. Performing musicals from Company to excerpts from the popular TV show of Glee

Glasgow Light Opera Group are one of Glasgow's long standing amateur dramatic groups. Previous shows include; And My Girl, Hello Dolly and the Tony award winning, Singing in the Rain.

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