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Scottish Singing Experience

Immerse yourself in Scottish Culture by learning to sing traditional Scottish Music.

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Scottish music is renowned throughout the world as one of the leading styles in traditional music. Many great singers have dominated the international stage. From pop acts such as Texas, Amy MacDonald, Paulo Nutini and Calvin Harris to traditional artists such as Billy Connolly, Eddie Reader, Bert Jansch, The Corries and Julie Fowlis.  All of these artist have enriched the wide repertoire of Scottish music and honed their skills, performing to some of the best audiences in the world. 

One of Scotland's greats is Rabbie Burns. A poet and lyricist who made his mark around the world, pioneering the Romantic movement of literature and Art. Burns music and poetry is by far the most celebrated of its genre throughout Scotland. His popular songs include Auld Lang Syne, My Love is Like a Red Red Rose, Ae Fond Kiss and many many more.

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Robert Burns

Brian McBride is the winner of the Hugh S. Roberton Prize of Scots Singing and is one of Scotland's leading singing teachers, teaching near the centre of Glasgow. Brian grew up in Glasgow in a family submerged in traditional music. He went on to study vocal performance at the Royal conservatoire of Scotland and has a true passion for Scottish music. Brian performs regularly both in Scotland and internationally, celebrating the music of Scotland to audiences all over the world. Brian welcomes people from all over the world who are looking for a unique experience and his generous and warm personality makes this experience a whole heartedly fun experience for someone travelling the country or an unforgettable experience for friends and family to share.

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Brian McBride - Glen Coe

Visiting Scotland?

Book a unique experience and learn to sing the famous Scots Song. Located in Glasgow
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What is a Scottish Singing Experience?
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Before your Scottish Singing Experience

  • You will receive a list of Scot Songs that you will be able to listen to see which one you would like to sing.

When you Arrive...

  • Brian will show you some simple vocal warm up exercises to make sure you are ready to sing.

  • Brian will then play the song through a few times so you can hear it.

  • The specific key that works for your voice will make sure the song is comfortable. This is easily found on the day with Brian and can be changed to suit you.

  • You will practise through the song with correct pronunciation of the Scots or Gaelic many times so you are comfortable with the song

  • If you feel comfortable, this song will be professionally recorded.

After your Scottish Singing Experience

  • Your recording will be mixed within 48hrs and sent directly to you

  • You are then able to load this onto your social media or share with family and friends.

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Bronze Package

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Silver Package

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Gold Package

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Platinum Package

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